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Maybe you've got some extra time for yourself or want to teach your kids how to prepare nutrient dense meals full of healing herbs

Herb filled meals are one of the best pro-active health care plans available
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Are your meals medicinal?

Are you optimizing the benefits of herbs in your food?

Prop up your phone or laptop, bring me into your kitchen and I’ll inspire you to fill your meals with healing herbs that boost immunity, calm the nervous system and help keep you well.

Therapeutic, medicinal herbal meals to bolster immunity and prevent illness is what is available to you every day.

It really is possible to have herbal medicine infused food every day.

Something changes when you can watch me walk through all the steps. You get it right the first time, without having to read over the directions half a dozen times.

I can help you keep it simple, keep it organized, so you can actually DO THIS HERBAL THING!

You don't have to know how to cook and don’t have to prepare herbs every day. You’ll see how to easily set up your pantry so that you are ‘herbal ready’ at every meal.

Do you ever deal with not following through, not finishing or staying stuck in herbal dabbling land?

Allow me to guide you through short, concise, step by step video instructions to activate your healing herbal kitchen that will bring health and wellness to everyone that walks through your kitchen door.

The recipes are time tested and easy to follow, I’ll break it all down in such a way that watching and listening will instill the confidence you need to know you can do it too.

Herbal Vinegar 
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Herb filled vinegars are the secret ingredient for delicious shrubs, dressings, soup broth, marinades, cold prevention remedies and so much more.  If you want to make potent, shelf-stable herbal vinegars that support gut health, prevent illness and add flavor to any meal, well, let’s start with Fire Cider, Four Thieves Vinegar or Five Flower Herbal Vinegar…

Herbal Pesto
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Fresh herbs are not only filled with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, but they are rich in enzymes. Adding enzyme rich pesto to your food is a great way to increase the digestibility of your food which means you have more energy and don’t feel tired after you eat.

Culinary Oil
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What’s the spice status of your next meal? You don’t have to pour curry on everything… Once you create your core culinary herbal oils, you can layer herbs and spices into every meal with a splash or drizzle of dynamic flavored oils infused with the beneficial properties of herbs and spices.  

Herbal Ghee
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Almost every meal you eat contains some kind of oil or fat and sorry to say, but most of the fat out there is junk.  Build more resilient health by adding ghee to your meals. Let's make some delicious herbal ghee together, you might be surprised by just how delicious it is. 

Herbal Honey
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Kitchen Medicine at its’ best. You can use herb infused honey in any food you would add honey to.  Winter Colds Honey, Chai Honey, Ginger Honey... you are going to love using these herbal kitchen favorites to fortify your home apothecary.

Herbal Salt
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If you are in charge of taking care of anyone’s health, including your own, eating healthy salt is primary. Almost every meal you eat contains salt, and sorry to say, but most of the salt out there is junk.  Build more resilient health at every meal by making sure you are using mineral rich, healthy salts that are filled with herbs.

Herbal Spice Blends
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Got small children, working a lot or taking care of a loved one? Is time the issue that keeps your herbal studies a backlogged project? Let’s get the most under-used spice rack hack working for you right away. Even if you eat take-out, pre-packaged food, or you don’t have time to make everything organic and from scratch. You can still increase the nutritional quality and add therapeutic benefits to your meals with a few, key super food Herbal Spice Blends.

Herbal Cordial
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After dinner drinks and specialty cordials for small or large celebrations are the talk of the party. People love handcrafted cordials that are unique to the celebration they are part of. Specialty cordials are not for sale at the store, they are a truly home-made herbal medicine made with love and care from your heart and hands. Remember that cordial we made for your wedding... Relaxing Lavender Cordial, No More Colds Cordial, Summer Solstice Cordial, need I say more?

Delicious Herbal Drinks
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If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure about how to safely use herbal remedies in a way that is right for your family, learning the simple art of making Herbal Drinks will have you feeling confident in being able to keep your loved ones well. If people in your life are not as healthy as they could be and you feel like you could be doing more, but you don’t have the time or don’t know where to start. This is the place to just go for it. You are what you drink.

Healing Herbal Waters
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Do you have a shelf full of herbs and supplements that you never finish? Skip the pills and learn to drink your medicine throughout the day.

Herbal-filled Meals
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Your 'herb-ready' kitchen inspires you to splash, dollop, sprinkle and drizzle your way to an herb filled life. When you've got your herbal kitchen set up, herbs make their way into all kinds of food, adding layers of delicious flavor and as always, upping the nutrition and medicinal quality of what you eat
Herbal Smoothies
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You’ve faced the fact that your kids are going to move out of the house one day and need to know how to take care of their own health. Where are the young ones in your life getting their health care education? The media drips them constant messages about how to take drugs…Making herbal drinks is the best way to teach your kids how to use herbs. Incorporate Berry Mint Fizz or Lemon Verbena Nectar and they’ll be hooked!

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The Power of Kitchen Herbal Medicine

Kitchen Medicine is a healing home art that is still used in most of the world, but for many of us, the ball was dropped a few generations back.

We now understand the risks of reaching for medications and realize that natural remedies are necessary for effectively managing our health, so we’re picking up the pieces so that we can do the very best we can to take care of our loved ones.

The problem is that we are trying to quickly learn herbal skills that took generations to acquire. Overwhelm is the theme of the day… which remedy do I choose, should I have used this when I used that, how can I remember what I study, am I going to hurt someone, is it safe for my kids… will my kids even do it???

Kitchen Medicine cuts through all that. With just a handful of herbs that you already know and love, you can fortify the nutrient and therapeutic density of your food which means, delicious, herbal packed meals that nourish your health every day.

You don’t need to be an ‘herbalist’ to practice kitchen herbal medicine.

Throwing together a quick dinner? Your Herbal Kitchen is ready to provide layer after layer of herbal healing and herbal flavor, because you are all set up.

You need to eat lunch today, so let’s learn how to fill it with herbs in a way that is so tasty, you won’t even realize you’re crossing ‘learning about herbs’ off your ‘to-do’ list.

Your Herbal Kitchen Guide: Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen and inspiring herb teacher helping families unlock the secrets of their spice rack for more than 30 years.

Your Herbal Kitchen Guide: Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen and inspiring herb teacher helping families unlock the secrets of their spice rack for more than 30 years.

"I have had an interest in herbs and spices for years but it just seemed so confusing and hard to learn. You give us easy ways to make simple food that tastes great with the added nutritional benefit from the herbs and spices.  What I love love love is having the guide of what goes well together so I don’t have to experiment. I’ve never been a great cook and always wanted to know how to make simple things taste flavorful and this works.  Your recipes help me to know how much herbs to use and what goes well together, thank you!"

-Jena Helfrick, Virginia

"My husband swears that I am a much better cook after taking your class. Adding layers of flavor with the vinegars and spice blends not only adds healthy aspects to my cooking, but tons of flavor!"

-M. Waters

"My Herbal Kitchen online class is such a joy! I’ve learned so much in these short, fun videos and absolutely love your energy and enthusiasm. The classes are super informative and make creating things like flavored ghee, salt rubs and herbal drinks enjoyable and a breeze. Thank you for getting me past my hesitation to experiment with herbs! And for pointing out the health benefits as an added bonus."

-Roberta Binder, North Carolina

"I studied herbs independently for 15 years before finding Kami. Her love and respect for the plant world and methods of teaching have made all the difference for me.  Thank you Kami!"

-Erin Hassah, Chicago

" I have been meaning to write to tell you how wonderful I am finding your  course to be! I have been dabbling in herbs for years - mostly infusions and tinctures here and there - but have remained intimidated and unsure of myself for the most part. I have bought my share of books and courses over the years, but I have actually made and used so many more of your recipes in the short time I have had them than I have from any other source.

I have rosemary/thyme olive oil, fruited vinegar, fig vinegar and midsummer cordial doing their thing in the pantry. I've made a sleepy time honey, infused waters, sage salt and the breakfast sprinkle - all of which have been amazingly easy to get my husband on board with.

Thank you for helping me make the connection between what I always thought of as "spices" for cooking and "herbs." Your approach and enthusiasm in your videos makes this all just so doable and sustainable. I just know I'll keep up with it because I've already integrated it. Thank you again for your work! "

-Jen Sain, New York

"I am feeling such an increased urgency to take up kitchen herbal medicine! The culture seems to be getting further and further away from the basic ways in which we can care for ourselves, and I want to learn as much as I can while it is still available to me, and while I still have the energy to do it.

I have finally really organized my herbs and spices.  Up until now, they were all jumbled up in a basket in the little plastic bags you use for the bulk bins. Now they are all proudly residing in jars with lovely labels on each one.

I just love your philosophy, and you present it in such an inspiring way. Having you there gives me a sense of community around it all, and is so encouraging.

Thank you so much, Kami, for your unfailing energy and enthusiasm for what will really heal us."


Health Begins in Your Kitchen

We all know the saying ‘prevention is the best medicine’ but with all the hype around “take this herb to heal that disease”, it’s hard to remember the true value of using herbs.

Herbs really shine at helping to prevent disease; and having lots of herbs layered into your food every day, is prevention at its best.

I would love help you activate or add fuel to your herbal kitchen so that you can make use of the best pro-active plan there is: Kitchen Herbal Medicine.

The number complaint that I have heard from students for more than 30 years is, “Wow, I wish I would have started this sooner.”

My Herbal Kitchen teaches you the art of one thing. Kitchen Herbal Medicine.
How to put healing herbs on the table that add flavor and wellness to every meal. This is going to change what happens at your dinner table for the rest of your life.

  • Want herbs for anti-aging? Put anti-oxidant herbs into your breakfast every day
  • Need herbs to reduce colds and flu? Get the antimicrobial effects of spices on each meal
  • Hormone balance? Transform your food into healthy hormones with the deep digestion support of herbs found in your kitchen
  • Want to detox? Learn to use common herbs to support your liver
  • Cancer fighting herbs?  They are in your kitchen cabinet waiting to be used at every meal

It’s all there, it just isn’t in big dose, quick fix, solve this now packaging. The transformative, healing power of herbs are in your herbal kitchen at every meal.

My Herbal Kitchen

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